Sui Tan & Blair Talk StreetSaver® Pavement Management Software for MPOs

over 3 years agoMarch 19, 2016

In this informative session Sui Tan and Blair sit down at the StreetSaver® Annual User Group Meeting in Oakland California to deliver a message specifically tailored for the Metropolitan Planning Organizations across this great Country.  MTC is a local governmental agency in itself, so when you subscribe to StreetSaver® Pavement Management Software you are actually purchasing from another local government.  Metropolitan Transportation Commission's StreetSaver® Software is used by over 400 agencies worldwide, and is one of the few if any programs publicly available to run budgets and pavement rehabilitation and preservation plans for each local agency in the MPO, it can also do an aggregate analysis on your entire MPO.  Sui takes the viewer on a deep dive behind the curtains to show how some of the largest cities and counties in America are saving millions by using the MTC StreetSaver® pavement management software.  For those of you with close relationships with the Federal Highways Administration, know that MTC StreetSaver® is well known to the FHWA folks.  At times it appears that they actually endorse the software albeit they are not allowed to officially endorse anyone product or service, the MTC is after all. a local agency in itself.  Get ready to take some notes here and if you have any questions as always contact Sui or myself for further clarifications or a free 30 day test drive!
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