IPMA™ Tip of the Week FDR with Cement In House in Heard County

Don Morehouse
almost 5 years agoSeptember 21, 2015
"Soil Cement" in Florida has major cracking problems...with 1.5" of asphalt on top..guess what happens..I have some thoughts about this when we get together
Ron Kirby #41
almost 5 years agoSeptember 21, 2015
Try using less cement in the mix.  We want around 300 psi at 7 days.
Also, we do a wet cure for four or five days, allowing traffic to run over it.  Then we lay a one inch leveling course and a 200 pound asphalt surface course.
Steven Tripp
almost 5 years agoSeptember 25, 2015
Great concept. Why wouldn't the cement be mixed with water to keep dust down? While at it, mix it with fly ash, slag, or low grade fly ash.  They but a roller compacted concrete base top and you'd have a pavement hat would last dang near forever for a lot less money and a much smaller environmental footprint.
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